Page Updated: Sep 18, 2014

German Shepherd Puppies for Sale

Onja v Temar X Egan v Dach Haus Born March 26

Yellow Female German Shepherd Puppy
March 26
This german shepherd puppy is for sale

"ELITE" Puppies

Alpine Valley German Shepherds offers to the public "Elite" German Shepherd puppies.  These are exceptional canine companions of various ages who have already undergone basic home training. They will now be crate trained, leash trained and best of all, potty trained! They can even be spayed or neutered before they come home.  Does your home require a puppy or dog that has already been socialized with other animals, people, and children?  Let Alpine Valley Shepherds provide you with that "TURN-KEY" German Shepherd puppy that you have always dreamed about!  Sometimes we have one available or you can ask to have yours "Elite" trained.

Puppy Philosophy

We strive to breed for the best quality in German Shepherd puppies. Quality is what we are all about! We specialize in black and red puppies as they are the most popular. Black and red German Shepherds happen to be our favorite too! In addition to color, we breed to develop positive traits like good hips, intelligence, and sound minds. You deserve a Alpine Valley puppy!

Questions? Send us a note, or call one of these numbers:

(509) 738-2846
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